Global Rus IEC

Providing 24/7 support for students studying abroad requires careful planning, robust infrastructure, and a dedicated team. Here’s how Global-Rus ensures round-the-clock assistance for its students:

  1. 24/7 Helpline: Global-Rus establishes a dedicated helpline accessible at any time of the day or night. This helpline serves as a central point of contact for students to reach out for assistance with any issues or emergencies.

  2. Online Support Platforms: Utilizing digital platforms such as email, instant messaging apps, and online portals, Global-Rus maintains constant connectivity with students. Through these channels, students can seek guidance, submit queries, or request support regardless of their location or time zone.

  3. Local Representatives: Global-Rus appoints local representatives or coordinators in key locations where students are studying. These representatives serve as the first point of contact for students in their respective regions, offering immediate assistance and on-the-ground support.

  4. Emergency Response Team: A designated emergency response team is on standby to address urgent situations, such as medical emergencies, safety concerns, or natural disasters. This team is trained to respond swiftly and effectively to ensure the well-being of students at all times.

  5. Collaboration with Partner Institutions: Global-Rus collaborates closely with partner universities and educational institutions abroad to provide comprehensive support services. This collaboration may include access to university resources, counseling services, and student support centers.

  6. Pre-departure Orientation and Resources: Prior to departure, Global-Rus equips students with essential information, resources, and contacts to navigate life abroad. This includes guidance on cultural adaptation, local laws and regulations, healthcare services, and emergency procedures.

  7. Regular Check-ins and Follow-ups: Global-Rus maintains regular communication with students through scheduled check-ins, follow-up calls, and surveys to assess their well-being and address any concerns proactively.

  8. Multilingual Support: Recognizing the diverse backgrounds of its students, Global-Rus provides multilingual support to ensure effective communication and understanding. This includes access to support staff fluent in various languages spoken by students.

By implementing these strategies and fostering a culture of care and responsiveness, Global-Rus ensures that students receive uninterrupted support and assistance throughout their educational journey abroad.