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Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI)

Year of foundation: 1930
City: Moscow
Address: St. Krasnokazarmennaya, 14, bldg. 1, Lefortovo municipal district, Moscow, Russia [Show map]

National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute” (MPEI) is a prestigious Russian technical university, that was founded in 1930.

Today, MPEI is a major university in Russia in the field of Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science. According to Forbes (2021), it was ranked among the top 20 leading Russian universities.

MPEI consists of 7 Technical Institutes, 3 special Faculties, including Preliminary Faculty and Retraining Faculty for the specialists from industry and educational institutions, Institute of Humanities, Institute of Technology, Ecology and Business and also several affiliated educational centers, such as Institute of Business Security, Linguistics Institute, Institute MPEI-FESTO, etc.

MPEI has a unique educational Heat and Power Plant which was the first plant of such type from those, which were built for Universities; Main Computer Center and many computer laboratories equipped with large, mini and personal computers; the Center of Video-Computer Methods of Teaching; Center of Distant Education; one of the largest university’s Scientific and Technological Library; own Publishing Office and Publishing Division, which produce text-books, manuals, scientific literature; audio-video-computer Russian Language Center; large sport stadium, swimming pool, sport halls for students and professors.

Training of foreign students in MPEI started in 1946. Compared with many other Russian Technical Universities MPEI has been always open for foreigners and citizens of any country may enter any MPEI course including those concerned with modern technologies. Currently, 1300 foreign students from 70 countries are studying at MPEI. More than 7000 foreigners have got high-quality education in MPEI. More than 1000 persons have got the Ph.D. degrees. Among the most famous graduates of MPEI there are presidents, heads of the government, Ministers of Engineering and heads of the engineering companies of many countries of the world.

Students’ Campus (SC) is a big infrastructure around the MPEI university. It consists of different buildings of the students’ hostels, the infrastructure’s enterprises (laundry, dining-halls, cafes, shops etc.), the students’ sanatorium-preventorium, an out-patient clinic, the sport facilities, the large stadium “Energia”, a swimming-pool, a custodial service, MPEI House of Culture etc.

University structure:

  • Institute of Power Machinery and Mechanics
  • Institute of Thermal and Nuclear Power Engineering
  • Institute of Energy Efficiency Problems
  • Institute of Electrical Engineering
  • Institute of Electrical Power Engineering
  • Institute of Automatics and Computer Engineering
  • Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics
  • Humanitarian-Applies Institute
  • Institute of Technologies, Economy and Business
  • Institute of Business Security
  • Institute of Linguistics

English-Medium Program (Bachelor’s degree):

  • Computer Engineering and Information Science – 3522 USD per year