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Ulyanovsk Civil Aviation Institute

Year of foundation: 1935
City: Ulyanovsk
Address: t. Mozhayskogo, 8/8, Ulyanovsk , Ulyanovsk Region, Volga Federal District, Russia [Show map]

Ulyanovsk Civil Aviation Institute is the oldest Russian institution for training of flight crews for civil aviation. It started its activity in 1935. Since its inception, Ulyanovsk Higher Education School of Civil Aviation has trained over 15600 specialists and pilots. In order to produce well-trained pilots, the Ulyanovsk Civil Aviation Institute is equipped with modern flight simulators, training aircraft and experienced instructors. The institute has its own airfield, aircraft maintenance shops, the largest Russian aircraft simulator training center, and diverse aircraft fleet including modern Russian and foreign-manufactured airplanes.

Getting an education at Ulyanovsk Civil Aviation Institute provides students with an exceptional groundwork for their career in the field of aircraft, engineering, and civil aviation. The Institute has numerous cooperation agreements with more than 200 foreign universities and international aviation. University is an active member of international academic mobility programs including Erasmus, Finnish-Russian Cross Border University, Santander Universities, Coimbra Group, Campus Europae, etc.

The Institute offers its students renovated dormitory with all facilities needed for comfortable living. There are different sports and catering facilities available in the campus. The Institute holds the ownership of Scientific and Technical Library UI GA, which is one of the unique university libraries, having specialized literature on civil aviation.

Institute also has a museum which is a unique exhibition of domestic aircraft and helicopters of civil aviation, deployed in the area of the airfield “Ulyanovsk (Barataevka)” of about 18 hectares.


  • Flight Operation Management
  • Civil Aircraft Operation
  • Air Traffic Organization
  • Aviation Security and Search&Rescue
  • Aviation Fuel Support
  • Airport Organization and Flight Operations Support

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