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7 Reasons Why You Should Study MBBS In Russia In 2024


Over the past few years, MBBS in Russia has emerged to be a popular choice for Indian students seeking medical education abroad. With over 8000+ boarding their flights to Russia for their medical studies, it has drastically emerged as the top choice of the medical pursuers of not only in India but also abroad.

Before identifying the reasons that make MBBS in Russia, let’s discuss the what are the reasons for the massive number of students from India boarding their flights to study MBBS abroad.

Why do Indian Students choose to Study MBBS Abroad?

A recent record has shown that every year, almost 15000 students opt to study abroad. A major portion of the students in this category is those who are stepping out to fulfill their dream of becoming a doctor.

The reason is limited or lack of seats in the Indian medical institutions.

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Exam- Undergraduate (NEET UG), witnesses a massive candidature of lakhs of students. The NEET UG 2022, itself has recorded 18.16 Lakhs of students seeking to pursue their medical studies and become a doctor, and the number of applications for 2021 was about 16.1 Lakh, out of this 14 Lakh students qualified for the said exam with their hard work. Unfortunately for these NEET qualified students, the country facilitates only about 80,000 seats including both government and private seats.

The disproportion between this need and availability has resulted in cut-throat competition and propagates the rat-race mentality among the students. As more than 95% of the qualified students are unable to get admission in India, they either opt for the para-medical sciences, alternate medicine, or another academic subject. Some of them also change their discipline in entirety. However, the passionate and desperate students keep on repeating the exam cycle to get on the list.

Many a time, it is also observed that the students hesitate in joining the private seats due to the elaborated fee structure. Many private medical colleges in India also seek hefty donations and other covert charges. This is a difficult and at times a difficult choice for the students and parents with limited resources.

It can, therefore, be concluded that the Medical education in India- is difficult to get into, despite qualifying the NEET exam, expensive, and limited. In contrast to this, MBBS study abroad often brings affordable options, which are also more recognized and reputed. Some of the top medical universities abroad, also highlight the quality, exposure, and holistic development of the students keeping up the affordability and recognition attributes.

Why Study MBBS in Russia?

Russia has been one of the most popular choices among Indian students seeking MBBS abroad. In the past few years, the number of students choosing to study MBBS in Russia and abroad has significantly increased by many folds.

In reports presented by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Russia is one of the most educated countries in the world surpassing countries like Canada, Japan, Israel, and the USA. More than half of the country’s population has a higher education qualification. The records also mention that every year more than 200,000 students and candidates of science/arts/technology from over 168 countries join the Russian universities for their higher and professional studies.

Some of the many benefits of choosing to study in Russia offers are:

  • Diverse Range of Study Opportunities

With almost 450 state-accredited universities offering some 17,500 degree programs, Russian universities offer degree programs in every desired field of the students from the bachelor’s to the doctoral programs.

  • Pocket-Friendly Living

In comparison to the European quality, the cost of living in Russia is very reasonable. The country follows the bare minimum average for the cost of food, rent, clothing, and other routine and leisurely activities. The students can avail further discounts at theatres, museums, opera houses, cinemas, swimming pools, and other similar facilities.

  • Safety & Security

Russia scores high on the global safety index and thus promises safety and security for not only the locals and tourists but also the international students. The students, both girls, and boys, can travel freely and confidently. Moreover, the Russian universities also have 24×7 hrs strict surveillance in the campus, hostel gates, and so on.

  • Familiarise with the Russian Language

Although many times, the Russian universities do offer an English program, however, the students are likely to pick up the Russian language and get familiarised with the language. If the students choose to hop on the language, Russian as a second language itself promises abundant opportunities in various fields.

  • Easy & Accepting Locals

Russian culture and locals are very accepting and welcoming to the international students. The students tend to thus, adjust and adapt easily to the new environment.

7 Advantages Of Studying MBBS in Russia

Among the Indian students, Russia is incredibly popular for its medical studies. Now, one of the reasons that Russia continues to persist to be one of the top choices among the Indian students for the decades now could be the healthy diplomatic relations between both the countries.

With Russia itself being supreme in the field of education, research and development, it is no wonder that MBBS in Russia has a lot to offer to all its pursuers.

Here are top 7 advantages of studying MBBS in Russia for Indian students:

  1. Affordable Fee Structure:

In comparison to the other countries like UK and USA, where the cost of studying and living for the students touches the extreme bar, Russia offers an affordable option of not only the living but also for the living.

The MBBS in Russia fees is extremely subsidised by the federal government making it affordable as well as accessible for all those who are determined to follow their dream. Studying at the top medical university of Russia cost starts from as low as INR 15 Lakh for the entire course which, however, the actual cost of MBBS in Russia depends upon choice of your university and availed services.

  1. Internationally Recognized Degree

Most of the top medical universities of Russia are recognised globally. Some of the major recognitions are the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), Medical Council of various countries like Canada, Australia, India and so on.

  1. No Admission Test:

To study in Russia, the student is not required to appear and qualify any form of entrance exam, such as TOEFL, IELTS, etc, or any other form of test to secure a seat at the university of their choice, the entire process in merit-based, that depends on the score of the students in Class-12 and NEET exam.

  1. Maximum Exposure & Opportunities:

The advanced curriculum of MBBS courses in Russia features practical knowledge and an emphasis on hands-on experience. Any Indian student, with a MBBS degree from the top Russian university promises a great medical career with unlimited opportunities due to the attained exposure during the studies.

  1. Easy Admission Criteria:

The eligibility criteria for the MBBS admission in Russia is similar to that required for MBBS in India. This includes scoring 50% in PCB at 12th level as well as qualifying the NEET exam- 50th percentile for unreserved and 40th percentile for reserved category students.

  1. Multicultural Learning Environment:

On average, 12% of the total students in any Russian university are international. Therefore, with MBBS study in Russia, the students get to experience the multicultural learning environment and interact with the students from different cultural backgrounds. This helps in building confidence and life-long friendships among the students, thus being responsible for cultivating holistic development.

  1. FMGE/NExT Training:

Some of the top medical universities of Russia also take the initiative to prepare the students for various medical licensing exams to practice. In order to pursue their medical practice, the students have to pass the medical licensing exam of the country they wish to establish their careers in. For example, to practice in India, the students have to appear and qualify the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE)/ National Exit Test (NExT), for the USA there is the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE).

With MBBS in Russia, the students are provided with the necessary coaching and training facilities with the renowned professors and subject matter experts to help the students to perform well in the exam.

Top Medical Universities Of Russia For Indian Students:

  1. Far Eastern Federal  Medical University
  2. Bashkir State Medical University
  3. Kazan State Medical  University
  4. Tver State Medical University
  5. Siberian State Medical University

How Does Global Rus  Help With Your MBBS Study in Russia?

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